Nicole Fialdini

2017 > Summer


Inspired by the bird´s  lightness and strenght, Olympiah´s Summer 2017 arrives with new shapes and exclusive fabrics to build a collection that seeks to consolidate the identity of the label as a unique and timeless creation ambient.

The structured and fluid fabrics are the translation of the inspiration into the clothes. The Italian textiles, appears mixed with the most detailed materials, in most styles of the collection, creating structured piece of clothing. On the other side, the fluttery shapes, such as the long dresses, are originated by the light fluid fabrics. One of the sales success, jeanswear, comes in a lightweight version, with soft touch, composing the Family – dresses, shorts and skirts.

Responsible for giving life to the summer prints, once again, the co-owner, ZIlah Garcia, drew different kinds and species of Birds in watercolor, creating the three patterning used in the collection: birds landscape, blue Bird and seeds. The prints, they complete each other, creating a perfect mix and match to the look.

Tailoring remains as the brand strongest styles, which always features well-cut pieces and perfect finish, reflecting the elegance in their DNA. Skirts, pants and overalls are some of the options.

Lastly, the Olympiah PM line, gains forces in its second edition, bringing more than ten different gowns, with transparency and singular details.


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