Marcio Madeira

Creative direction: Oskar Metsavaht
Fashion Direction: Juliana Suassuna
Fashion Marketing: Nelson Camargo
Styling: Pedro Sales
Technical Direction: Roberta Marzolla
Beauty: Amanda Schon
Soundtrack: Gomus

2019 > Summer


“A manifesto in support of the Oceans, in a conceptual, stylistic and tangible way.”

Oceans, a theme that permeates Osklen’s history, arises this season as a fusion of the nautical universe with diving uniforms and the poetics of the fisherman’s character.

Circular economy and the use of more conscious and sustainable raw materials are in line with a commitment pioneered by Osklen twenty years ago, when the company started to use organic cotton. In the last year, the production of its PET mesh line saved 119 million liters of water, reduced power consumption by 70% and achieved a record 272,000 reused plastic bottles that otherwise would have ended up either in landfills or in the sea.

The SS19 collection is an extension of these sustainable processes and projects.

Osklen + Casa do Cacete

Osklen and Instituto-e, in partnership with IPTI (Institute of Research, Technology and Innovation) and Casa do Cacete, a project by four young entrepreneurs from Santa Luiza de Itanhy, Sergipe – one of Brazil’s municipalities featuring the lowest HDI (Human Development Index) – are proud to present the result of a project developed by several hands for the SS19 collection.

The exchange of experience and knowledge resulted in the co-creation of prints applied to various pieces of the collection. The mangrove forest is one of the main themes that inspire the work of these young people, who aim to draw attention to that marine life nursery, an important part of Brazil’s biodiversity. On the catwalk, the Crasto fish, the Aratu and floral prints show the results of this project.

Osklen + Bordando o Futuro

The Bordando o Futuro (Embroidering the Future) cooperative, located in Itaperuna, state of Rio de Janeiro (RJ), produced the Macrame handbags of the collection. The partnership contributes to income generation and social reintegration of embroiderers who participate in the process.

Osklen + ArteSol

ArteSol is a nonprofit organization that has invested, for almost two decades, in the valorization and promotion of traditional Brazilian craftsmanship based on strategies aimed at the environmental, economic, social and cultural sustainability of the communities in which it operates. It mainly aims to help preserve artisan tradition by promoting artisans’ autonomy and the socioeconomic development of more than 110 productive groups throughout Brazil. Its partnership with Osklen shows in the pieces and accessories made of straw.

About Instituto-e

Instituto-e is a Brazilian nonprofit organization (OSCIP – Civil Society Organization of Public Interest) which believes that sharing information is the first step in promoting sustainable human development. Based on that concept and driven by the desire to innovate, it uses an alternative multimedia language to channel the energy of society and redirect it to defend biodiversity, the right to information and education, and Brazil’s historical and cultural heritage. Instituto-e aims to fulfill its mission by creating and managing a network that fosters synergies between different initiatives and agents of society. It focuses on areas that make up the concept of the six “e”: earth, environment, energy, education, empowerment, economics.

Technical Specifications

Raw material

Linen, silk, lined silk crepe, hand-made nautical rope knitting, rayon knitting, cotton twill, lined knitted fabric, pleated fabric.


Gauze and linen silk, silk straw, Tyvek, eco canvas, salmon leather, arapaima leather, piassava straw.


Arapaima, waves, and prints made in partnership with Casa do Cacete:

- floral light blue and floral deep blue: portray plant species from the region of Santa Luzia do Itanhy, the illustrators’ hometown.

- aratu blue: homage to one of the main means of income generation of the riverside population, the hunting and sale of Aratu, a widespread regional crab species.

- crasto fish blue: fish species found in the region of Crasto / Santa Luzia do Itanhy – SE, hometown of most of the illustrators.


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