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Paula Torres

Known for her handmade work, shoemaker Paula Torres brings a timeless collection to her 2019 Winter, based on three strong trends: Animal Print, Western and Glitter.

Animal Print, one of women's favorite around the world, spans a broad variety of models such as sandals, flats, mules and boots.  Print trends are jaguar, zebra, croco and natural phyton. 

As for Western, it has a 70’s flare and captures the spirit of Brazil’s tropical winter, with medium heel boots. Designed to be worn on a day-to-day basis, they were created with a focus on the contemporary woman who does not let go of style and comfort. 

Another highlight of the collection is the Glitter models, which are not only for special occasions but also for everyday life. With a fashionista look, the line is democratic to please all. From the traditional model Sabrina to evening sandals and flats. From jeans to cocktail parties, they encompass all styles. 

Paula Torres' product modeling careful preparation, which is a striking feature of her work, starts in the creation process and goes all the way to the finished product. The shoes have an impeccable finish that makes all the difference in quality, comfort and uniqueness.



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