According to JCK, Ana Khouri and Fernando Jorge are on the list of designers who defined the decade

JCK, one of the most important publications in the haute jewelry market, included two Brazilian designers in its list of designers who defined the decade. According to the editors, Ana Khouri and Fernando Jorge have made important contributions in the past 10 years, creating memorable collections and gaining visibility on red carpets and/or social media. 


Both are Fashion Label Brasil members, ABEST's (Brazilian Fashion Designers Association) fashion export program in partnership with Apex-Brasil (Brazilian Agency for Promotion of Exports and Investments), which aims to promote Brazilian companies abroad. 

In the opinion of Fernando Jorge, by supporting attendance in trade shows focused on target markets with appropriate product selection, the project plays an essential role in building his brand abroad. Regarding the inclusion of his name in JCK list, the designer highlights: “It is very good to be recognized for our work and it is also an incentive to continue working in a creative and authentic way, focusing on design and form”. 

Ana Khouri, on the other hand, was remembered as the one who was featured in the 150th anniversary edition of the magazine as “representative of the decade from 2010 to 2020”. For JCK, the Brazilian designer has asymmetry and incompatibility in an innate and essential way in her aesthetics.