Ana Khouri and the Olsen sisters to partner for a special collab for The Row

Source: The New York Times


After showing her haute jewelry collection at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs, in Paris, New York-based Brazilian designer Ana Khouri caught the eye of fashion designers Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, the souls behind The Row.


After a rendezvous at the Ritz, the Brazilian designer and the American sisters decided that The Row stores would start carrying some of Khouri’s latest pieces- and now Khouri and Mary-Kate have partnered on a small collection of entirely new ones.


Ana Khouri's partnership with The Row consists of two black- and white-gold ear cuffs, one slightly larger than the other, and one black- and white-gold ring, all entirely pavéd (a French technique) in emeralds — the ring alone is set with 560 stones. "She’s a true artist, and it shows in her work," said Ashley Olsen. 

These days, Ana Khouri concentrates on her sculptural pieces, many of which hug the ear or the finger; she spent nearly a year working with artisans and a 3-D imaging machine to perfect the clasps used for the ear pieces. “The other challenge was adding volume while removing what was unneeded and keeping things light, “says Ana Khouri. 

Unlike some minimalists, though, she finds meaning beyond the fact of the physical object. She’s partial to emeralds because both her grandmother and her mother wore them, and because the stone is thought to promote healing.