Bléque donates 300 pairs of sneakers to children living in Brazil’s vulnerable areas

In February, Bléque, a sustainable bags and footwear Brazilian brand, promoted a campaign to value children's health in Brazil, in partnership with the ONG Samaritan's Feet. 

For each sold merchandise, a percentage of the amount is invested in manufacturing footwear for children between 3 and 10 years old, who live in vulnerable areas of the country. The action also has the support of several businessmen from Campinas (a city in southeast Brazil, northwest of São Paulo)and region. 

The first batch of donations was made for children living in communities near Bom Jesus da Lapa, amunicipality in Bahia (one of the states of Brazil. It is located in the northeastern part of the country, on the Atlantic coast). Shoes are the most expensive items in the school uniform sets, and 300 pairs of sneakers were made especially for the action and were delivered to the children. 

"Being in the sertão (the word has no precise equivalent in any other language, but in English is approximated by "outback" or "backcountry")for two days and having traveled more than ten hours to get to the villages was a time of much introspection. We are doing our best to help, and I believe we can encourage more companies to do the same, "says Renata Negrão, founder and designer of Bléque.

 "The idea of donating a new sneaker -as an opposite of giving a used one- is to show to this child that she is special like all the others and her rights should be the same, as well as her opportunities. These kids need to dream again! ", says Mrs. Negrão.