Brazilian fashion featured at Casa Pau-Brasil pop-up store in Lisbon

From September 22 to November 12, an unprecedented pop-up store at Casa Pau-Brasil in Lisbon will feature 10 Brazilians brands, showing their collections. Located at Palácio Catilho, in the Príncipe Real district, the high-end concept store already contains renowned Brazilian products and brands. For the launch, artist Joana Astolfi created an installation inspired by ocas, typical indigenous Brazilian houses, inside the Casa.

"We want the Casa to show and represent the best of Brazil. A Brazil with a global vocation and international ambition. We are a point of sale, but we also want to be a laboratory, stage and platform for internationalizing the brands we have chosen," says Rui Gomes Araújo, of Casa Pau-Brasil.

This initiative is taking place through Fashion Label Brasil, an export program created 10 years ago by ABEST (Brazilian Association of Fashion Designers) in partnership with Apex-Brasil (Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency).

Fashion Label Brasil aims to promote Brazilian design and fashion abroad, adding value to the image of an innovative and contemporary Brazil. The program includes strategic and trade promotion initiatives for the various segments of Brazilian fashion, helping them to expand their operations in the international market. The program currently includes 83 Brazilian brands, exporting to over 57 countries. 

The brands coming from Brazil to Lisbon are Cabana, Catarina Mina, Cecilia Prado, Denise Gerassi, Isolda, Lilly Sarti, Martha Medeiros, SERPUI, UMA|Raquel Davidowicz and Veja. "Although Portugal is the number two destination for Fashion Label Brasil program exports, Brazilian exports were mostly in the beachwear segment. The goal of the partnership with Casa Pau-Brasil is to grow the share of Brazilian products in the country, while also showing new brands to Portuguese consumers," says Paulo Lourenço Bartholomei, ABEST president.