Cabana Virtual Marketplace results in business expectations of US $ 404k for the next 12 months

The main trade show in the United States beachwear segment, Cabana, held its first digital edition from July 20th to 22nd. Cabana Virtual Marketplace held the event in partnership with JOOR, an American digital platform that allows interaction between brands and large retail boutiques. 

Água de Coco, Catarina Mina, Haight, Lenny Niemeyer, SERPUI, Triya and Yukio, with support of Fashion Label Brasil - Program of Internationalization of Value-Added Brazilian Fashion, created by ABEST (Brazilian Fashion Designers Association), and Adriana Degreas with support of Texbrasil (Brazilian Fashion Textile Industry Internationalization Program), created by Abit (Brazilian Association of Textiles and Apparel), both Brazilian fashion export programs in partnership with Apex-Brasil (Brazilian Agency for the Promotion of Exports and Investments) are the Brazilian brands that attended the event. 

The digital event brought immediate business expectations of US $ 244k and US $ 404k for the next 12 months. “With this business model, the attending brands continued to have their personalized space, where the buyer had access to the images of the collection, videos, linesheet, interaction with the brand and order fulfillment ”, explains Alberto Hiar, ABEST president.