Casa Pau Brasil opens up store in Cascais with the attendance of several Brazilian brands

After the success of Casa Pau Brasil store in Lisbon, the shop that brings together Brazilian brands of fashion, decoration and cosmetics, opened up a new location in Cascais. “It is a charming village in Portugal, home to an elite Brazilian community, as well as a very interesting local population,” explains founder Rui Gomes Araújo to the Portuguese website NiT. 


About 30 Brazilian brands are available for sale, such as ABEST's members: Lenny Niemeyer, MEERK, Marta Reis, Salinas, Catarina Mina, Empress Brasil, Osklen, Barthelemy and Flavia Aranha. “We highly value the special way brands display the best of Brazil and that inspires us,” explains Araújo.

Casa Pau Brazil
Valbom Avenue, 16, Cascais