Catarina Mina introduces blockchain technology to her new collection

Designer Celina Hissa, the soul behind Catarina Mina brand, has partnered with Moeda Seeds, a multinational that operates in social business through blockchain and cryptocurrency technology in order to democratize and secure investments and transactions. It facilitates access to financing and offer technical support to businesses through the Moeda Seed Program while adhering to the UN Sustainable Development Goals in order to provide projects to contributors through the platform who are seeking a more just world. 


This technological innovation rethinks the ties between artisans, designers and fashion communicators to take care of the most important (and most fragile) part of the chain process: the people who produces the goods. "In our case, an ARTISANAL brand, this is even more delicate. We needed to sensitize, mobilize and learn together with groups of artisans, especially women, throughout our state. In addition to the compensation made when the artisan gives us the produced piece (or part of it), there is also an amount transferred to them at the time of sale," explains Celina Hissa, Catarina Mina’s designer.

In addition to the direct transfer of funds to the artisans, a secure transaction implements other services, such as the LONGE project, which guarantees the longevity of artisan groups and their handicrafts through the transfer of extra amount that consumers have the option to choose from to give them, as a kind of tip. 

Artisans, who often had difficulty in their remote districts from accessing traditional banking, are now 100% connected to this blockchain network through Moeda Seeds and Catarina Mina. This action also democratizes access to information and assists them in managing their finances, as well as providing access to microcredit.