Fio Infinito Project, a reverse logistics initiative from Catarina Mina brand

Since its creation 15 years ago, Catarina Mina brand pays special attention to the pieces delivered to its customers. Timeless, the brand's concept is to develop and deliver bags that will last for many years. Thereby, the product development team thinks about all the details, from the choice of the raw material to the design itself.


However, the brand understands that over the years people change their style, priorities and costumes, and this can also reflect in their wardrobe. With that in mind, the brand created the Fio Infinito Project: a new way to start looking at the responsibility of reverse logistics. The customer can take that old bag in the back of the closet or even a piece that suffered some wear and tear back to the store, and get a 25% discount on the next purchase.

Upon arriving at the brand's studio, the piece will be evaluated by the team. If it is in good condition, they will send it to shared closets or thrift stores. If it is damaged, the bag will be upcycled into a new object, like a cachepot for instance.

"The #FioInfinito is a way that we found together to be increasingly responsible, and to give new life to these pieces that are taking space in the back of the closet. We believe that they can get a second chance in the hands of other people, or- if they are not in good condition- be upcycled into a new object", explains Celina Hissa.