During Carnival, celebrities Cleo Pires and Barbara Fialho wore exclusive Alexandrine abadás

Are you asking yourself what is an abadá? You’re not alone. An abadá is a garment usually worn on top of whatever shirt you're wearing during Carnival. As it is mandatory that one wears the abadá while inside the corded area of a bloco (street parties) or inside VIP hospitality boxes, Brazilians, particularly women, go to great lengths to have their abadás stylishly tailored.


Maison Alexandrine, in partnership with designer Rapha Mendonça, created a couple of exclusive abadás for actress Cleo Pires and model Barbara Fialho to enjoy, in great style, Carnival in one of the Marques de Sapucaí VIP hospitality boxes.

Made by Maison's team of artisans, Alexandrine By Rapha Mendonça abadás-couture pieces were made exclusively for the two Brazilian celebs. Barbara Fialho wore two different styles. The first one was a Swarovski crystals hand-embroidered halter-top. The second had several metal meshes in old gold in its sleeves.

The ones for actress Cleo Pires were inspired by the latest Alexandrine By Rapha Mendonça's Hearts collection, executed in red, gold and black details, all embroidered by hand on top of the famous tulle illusion.