Fashion Business Consultant Simone Jordão brings Atelier Schiper to international markets

With over 20 years of experience in the fashion business, Simone Jordão uses her expertise to assist Brazilian brands to cross international borders beyond their domestic market. The entrepreneur, who assigns herself today as an International Fashion Business Consultant- and was responsible for Osklen’s international launching -, has just signed a partnership with Atelier Schiper, a contemporary jewelry brand run by Alessandra Schiper.

Mrs. Jordão takes Alessandra Schiper’s brand to international markets for its first time with exclusive assistance and care. The debut of the new collection takes place at Bossa Concept – a multiband store focused on Brazilian brands with fashionable design, curated by Alessandra Cavalcante.

"Atelier Schiper has won several international awards, such as the " Red Dot Design Award " in the jewelry‘s designer category. The universe of art and design is perfect to present the collection and its bulletins to the best buyers in the market," says Simone Jordão.

In a mix of modernity and luxury, the curatorship of the pieces was conceived exclusively for the international market. Atelier Schiper’s collection is inspired by the Brazilian diversity. It is called Itaetê (that means "true stone" in Tupi-Guarani, a South American Indian language) and it praises national gemstones such as topaz, citrine, garnet and crystal. The element of surprise lays in the ingenious cuts, such as those used for gemstones like diamonds, for example. Brilliant, isn’t it?