Fashion Label Brasil brand members attend Playtime and Children’s Club kid's trade shows in NY

Brazilian children's fashion has been in the spotlight in the international market. From August 4th to 06th, two Fashion Label Brasil brand members landed in New York to attend Playtime and Children's Club trade shows. 

This effort is supported by Fashion Label Brasil - Program of Internationalization of Value-Added Brazilian Fashion, created by ABEST in partnership with Apex-Brasil (Brazilian Agency for Promotion of Exports and Investments), whose objective is to support and encourage companies with high export maturity through attendance in trade shows or showrooms in target markets of the programs. 

For the sixth time in a row, Tip Toey Joey takes his playful shoes to Playtime. “Attending the two annual Playtime New York trade shows have been essential in Tip Toey Joey's expansion process not only in the United States- where we now have more than 30 trading partners-, but also in Europe and Asia, as Playtime attracts brands and buyers from other hubs where the trade show takes place, such as Paris and Tokyo,” says Tatiana Fernandes, the brand's commercial director. 

For summer 2020, the brand bets on the “free to grow healthy” concept with the release of FreetoGrow ™ technology: a new, wider sandal designed with plenty of room for little toes to be comfortable in their natural position (straight and activated - especially the big toe, which is essential in developing baby's walking and balance).

“Our international experience contributes to the growth of the brand as a whole, including the product development division, which always brings innovations not only to the Brazilian market, but worldwide”, explains Tatiana Fernandes, commercial director of the brand.

On the other hand, Dalai Beachwear shows, for the third time, the DNA of Brazilian beachwear at Children´s Club. The collection is inspired by Sicily and brings the freshness of lemons on the all over prints, not to mention lots of lace, frills and ornaments.