Galeries Lafayette launches "Fashioning Change" campaign for sustainable fashion

Galeries Lafayette, in its 125 years of existence, has always stood out for its actions in favor of a fairer industry, aligned with a sustainable development policy. In this sense, since 2018 the store has been transforming this positioning into actions to promote brands and designers who value making the fashion industry something more significant and powerful. Following the success of the 'Go For Good' campaign, it is time to honor these commitments to a better world through the 'Fashioning Change' movement, which among many attractions has the signature of legendary designer Vivienne Westwood.

‘Fashioning Change’ features four platforms that underpin Galeries Lafayette's new positioning. The first one is “that everyone can enjoy fashion in a more inspiring, positive and diverse way” - a topic that broadens the look at the current generation icons to change the fashion perspective. In this mission, the store will feature the collaboration of several artists, such as US photographer Roe Ethridge, who will be behind all the brand's new advertising campaigns, and ambassadors such as activist Kimberly Drew, sustainable fashion entrepreneur Charlotte Dereux, actress and director Hafsia Herzi, fashion designer Spencer Phipps, and cult punk icon and fashion activist Vivienne Westwood, who will share her perspective and vision of sustainable fashion in a showcase and pop-up store located in Galeries Lafayette Paris Haussmann first floor, between September 2ndand October 14th.

The second core theme of the campaign is “to offer customers products that are made in an ethically and sustainably fashion.” Inspired by the actions generated by the 'Go for Good' movement, which at its launch, in September 2018, brought together around 500 partner brands, 'Fashioning Change' will expand its enrollment and will count with labels such as Burberry, Tiffany, Hugo Boss, Ermenegildo Zegna, Jérôme Dreyfuss, La Redoute, Converse, Mara Hoffmann, Ma Thérapie, Saeve, Organic Clothing, Berenice, Carhartt and Eden Park.

The third pillar of the movement is “engaging associates and partners to explore new manufacturing, distribution and consumption methods and processes”. This includes donations of unsold items and not consumed food by customers. Also, notable here is the store's brand production methods, which work with a collection of items made from the most sustainable materials in a fully controlled supply chain, from field to store.

Concluding the project's premise hall, "to ensure that stores have a positive impact on where they operate." In this regard, various actions are foreseen, such as the conservation of the architectural and artistic heritage of its facades, as well as the offer of services to make the customer and visitor experience even more unforgettable.

Part of this objective already translates into the new way of the green space management, especially on the roof terrace of the Boulevard Haussmann building. New initiatives also included the installation of beehives in the famous Parisian building and in Strasbourg, Nice Masséna, Metz and Nantes branches, which together today house more than 1.55 million bees! They were brought into these spaces as part of sustainable development commitments to help protect these endangered species that play a key role in biodiversity and the ecosystem. To support the initiative, honey plants were also installed on the terraces.