Manolita welcomes upcycling without giving up its essence

Débora Leal, Manolita designer and CEO, decided to embrace and launch a line of upcycling shoes after spending a season in London and NY, where she researched and studied about the new sustainable behavior of the fashion market. 


The brand has always been engaged with the matter by using sustainable working techniques 100% manual and transparent, focusing on handmade manufacturing that does not use machinery and consequently decreases production and consumption margin. The brand also carried out a healthy practice in inventory reduction worth mentioning. Manolita has been implementing, since the beginning of the year- in its physical stores and now online- an option enabling customers to order sold-out shoe styles and receive them at home after 30 days. The goal is to have “less leftovers in the world” avoiding the waste and the large production that would be stuck on the shelves for long time periods. 

Thinking about the circular economy and how it could engage even more in sustainability and especially in the good use and final destination of its clients' shoes, Manolita decided to embrace upcycling in order to, somehow, reduce the waste it produces. Starting this November, the brand will collect old consumer shoes that would be discarded to have a new destination in its physical stores. The pairs of shoes will be restored and some will be donated to Projeto Arrastão (a non-profit organization that welcomes and supports families in Campo Limpo -oneof 96 districts in the city of São Paulo-who live in poverty)while other pieces will go through the upcycling process - whether minor adjustments, overlay rebuilding, fabric applications and / or trimming - resulting in unique and exclusive items which will be sold next year. The first capsule collection of these Upcycling styles will be launched in March 2020. 

The customer who brings her used shoes in during November will get 10% off a new pair of shoes and is contributing to the circular economy.