Brazilian brands scored US $ 716k in deals during Who’s Next and Bijorhca

From September 6th to 9th, 13 Brazilian brands attended Who’s Next and Bijorhca trade shows, which took place in Paris, France. These efforts were supported by Fashion Label Brasil and Texbrasil (Brazilian Fashion Textile Industry Internationalization Program), ABEST (Brazilian Fashion Designers Association) and Abit (Brazilian Association of Textiles and Apparel) internationalization programs in partnership with Apex-Brasil (Brazilian Agency for Promotion of Exports and Investments). 

The group did business totaling US $ 716k in sales made during the event. Expectations for the next 12 months is an additional US $ 1.8 million. 

“Brazilian brands have increasingly attracted the attention of the international audience and in order to do this, the European market is key. Showcase for the Oriental and Asian countries, the Paris trade shows position us and put Brazil in touch with the best international buyers,” says Paulo Lourenço Bartholomei, ABEST president.

Who's Next was attended by Fashion Label Brasil apparel brand members (Batiche, Cecília Prado, DOTZ, Flavia Aranha, Florita, Larissa Minatto, Lenny Niemeyer and Soleah) and Texbrasil brand members (Natural Cotton Color, Despi, Maria Pavan, Marie Mercié and Rio de Sol). At Bijorhca, a trade show dedicated to high jewelry, jewelry, watchmaking and accessories, brands Gissa Bicalho and Lavish, from Fashion Label Brasil, debuted their collections.


According to Lilian Kaddissi, the Brazilian attendance at the trade show had positive results. "The European market is very competitive, but we had a strong team. In addition, Brazilian brands have been present at Paris fashion events with the support of Apex-Brazil for over 15 years," Kaddissi adds.