Mariah Rovery presents her creations in Miami

Recognized in the market for her unique and full of personality products, Mariah Rovery keeps away from the concept of conventional jewelry. With an original and authentic concept, the designer landed in Miami last week, to present to the world, the hits of her collections that are already at the head of the national fashionistas, and also at their necks and hands.

The event took place in partnership with the luxury boutique Bossa Concept, located in Miami Beach, and invited guests to a grand cocktail party where the jewelry designer was able to display accessories from her fixed collections, such as UNDER THE SEA, a collection rich in details with traits characteristic of the blue immensity; its FLORA collection that makes reference to the botanical universe with pieces in hand-painted porcelain and waterproofed natural orchids; GLACIAL collection with items that instantly refer to low temperatures, through their striking geometric features through bracelets and rings in a cold-toned carton that contrasts with the intense colors, making reference to both the predominant cold climate of the region, as well as to the optical phenomenon in Scandinavia.

In addition to the jewelry created by Mariah Rovery, Bossa Concept also presented to the public its creations made of flexible resin that can transit between the coast and the city. Named the Flex Jewel, the maxi-earrings, necklaces and bracelets are lightweight, pliable, water resistant and carry the essence of Mariah Rovery's creative and pop trait.

Mariah Rovery, Miami 24.04.2017