Nannacay is featured on the Eco-Age website, an international reference in sustainable fashion

Since its creation, social and environmental ethical commitment has always been present in the DNA of Brazilian brand Nannacay. The brand is a Fashion Label Brasil member – a Program of Internationalization of Value-Added Brazilian Fashion, created by ABEST (Brazilian Fashion Designers Association) in partnership with Apex-Brasil (Brazilian Agency for Promotion of Exports and Investments), whose objective is to support and encourage companies with high export maturity through participation in trade shows and/or showrooms in the program’s target markets.

Much more than just a brand, Nannacay is a social fashion project that works with South American artisans and supports entrepreneurship, the preservation of cultures and the improvement of communities through fair trade. “Our mission is to help people develop creative potentials by connecting individuals who need help and individuals who want to help,” explains Marcia Kemp, the soul behind Nannacay.

In March 2019, Nannacay received the Eco-Age Brandmark credential, established by Livia Firth, Eco-Age’s co-founder and founder of the Green Carpet Challenge (GCC). This was the first time a Brazilian brand has received this seal.

This month, the carioca (a demonym used to refer to anything related to the City of Rio de Janeiro as well as its eponymous State) brand was again featured in the international site with a publication of an interview about the importance of creativity and crafts as tools to build a community, helping women to have a better life.

Marcia Kemp has described the entire journey of the brand since its founding in 2014, stressing the importance of leaving a heritage to humanity, as her goal is to build a legacy. “Nannacay currently works with remote regions in Brazil, Peru and Ecuador. They are marginalized groups, people who live with very little resources, and what we are doing for them is to provide the possibility of a better life,” Kemp said in the interview at Livia Firth's website.

Further on the social and environmental work, Kemp explains why the design of his pieces is so striking. “I work very closely with the artisans and ask them about their lives; little things inspire the creation of the bags, like the chickens in their gardens. I think these simple things really make the biggest difference. Sometimes we think that we are there to help the artisans, but in fact they teach us much more,” she reveals. 

The process of creation and manufacturing of the bags takes an average of 12 hours. Nannacay is always implementing innovation, upcycling, recycling and research of new fibers. “Nannacay's tradition and heritage give us an edge over competitors because no one else has our history. The Eco-Age Brandmark seal shows that what we do is legitimate, and now we have the platform to tell our story to the world,” concludes Marcia Kemp.