Nannacay is awarded with Eco-Age certificate from Livia Firth

By Érika Masckiewic
Translation: Flavia Fiorillo

Ethical social and environmental commitment has always been present in the DNA of the Brazilian brand Nannacay, since its debut. Much more than a brand, Nannacay is a social fashion project; Creative Hands Transforming Lives. "Our mission is to help people develop their creative potential by serving as a bridge between the ones in need of help and the ones who want to help," explains Marcia Kemp, the soul behind Nannacay.

The products, must haves among fashionistas, are made by artisan communities from several countries in South America.

Last month, Nannacay was recognized for its social and sustainable work: The Carioca (a demonym used to refer to anything related to the City of Rio de Janeiro as well as its eponymous State) brand was awarded the Eco-Age Brandmark, established by Livia Firth, Eco-Age co-founder and founder of the Green Carpet Challenge (GCC). This is the first time a Brazilian brand is granted this certificate.

Eco-Age's job is to help brands understand how they can add sustainability to their existing brand strategy, meeting standards of business ethics and corporate behaviors.

Nannacay was honored as a green brand in recognition of its work with South American artisans and for supporting entrepreneurship, preserving cultures and improving communities through fair trade. "We believe in Eco-Age’s voice and the genuineness of its actions that value brands that are truly committed to the planet," says Marcia Kemp.

Check out the full story about Nannacay on the Eco-Age website.