OSKLEN AG introduces a sustainable sneaker

Osklen introduces OSKLEN AG, the brand's most sustainable sneaker as a result of combining the brand's best socio environmental practices in 20 years. " A more conscious relationship with the planet has been inspiring us to do research and create products that can be a more sustainable option for our customers from a long time ago. For over 20 years we have dedicated ourselves, in a pioneering way, to the purpose of sustainability, incorporating our style and design into ethical products that inspire more and more people to adopt a more balanced and conscious lifestyle", says Oskar Metsavaht, founder and creative director of OSKLEN. 

OSKLEN AG promotes the chain of new sustainable materials with a guarantee of origin, transparency, traceability and income generation for riverside and indigenous communities. 

OSKLEN AG is a milestone in the sneaker category, by using in its manufacture an elaborate and rich mix of sustainable raw materials in a single project. Developed to create the least possible environmental impact, it promotes the economy of the floresta em pé (standing forest- the sustainable use of forest products and harvest) and the generation of income and the empowerment of riverine groups, indigenous and communities in Brazil.

From reused waste to fully traceable leather, the sneaker line uses e-fabrics, raw materials of sustainable origin developed in partnership with Instituto E, in addition to natural latex from the Amazon. The manufacture of each pair of sneakers uses discarded tires, cork, rice straw, sugar cane, cotton thread and canvas waste. The raw materials used are: eco canvas made from recycled fibers and cotton; certified bovine leather with traceability guarantee, zero chromium; Osklen AG sole- a combination containing natural latex from the Amazon and reused waste (recycled rubber, discarded tire powder, cork and rice straw)- and green EVA insole produced with 70% sugar cane.