Osklen brings GuppyFriend Washing Bag for sale in Brazil for the first time

Osklen has just confirmed that it will carry the GuppyFriend Washing Bag for sale at selected Osklen stores in Brazil. GuppyFriend, a German company, produces washing bags with technology that filters the release of the tiniest microplasticsreleased from textiles during washing that are normally dumped improperly in the domestic effluents grid that, in turn, flow into the oceans. 

In line with the global sustainability calendar, which celebrates June as the month of the environment, the GuppyFriend Washing Bag will be available in stores on the same day (6th) that Rio Ethical Fashion- the first international sustainable fashion forum- starts in Rio de Janeiro. It will be sold in the following stores: Ipanema, Osklen Surfing, Osklen Praia, Rio Design Barra, Oscar Freire, Iguatemi São Paulo and Vila Madalena. This is a nonprofit project and the bags will be sold at US$ 36. 

Synthetic fabrics often release tiny plastic fibers during washing. These fibers eventually reach the rivers, lakes and oceans, where, in the long run, pose threats to the environment and, consequently, to mankind. 

As an alternative to reduce pollution from microplastics, the company created its first device designed and marketed specifically to prevent microfiber pollution, the GuppyFriend Washing Bag - a knitted wash bag to hold the clothes to be washed. The bag filters the fibers that are released from the garments during the washing process, preventing them from making their way into the water. The washing bag has a lot of room and it may hold from a wool coat to other less bulky clothes easily. 

Following the ASAP (As Sustainable As Possible, As Soon As Possible)philosophy - a call for the urgency of adopting more sustainable approach and practices, Osklen made the technological product available with the goal of raising awareness and contribution to reducing pollution of oceans, a growing problem in Brazil and in the world. 

Osklen and Instituto-E are involved with this topic since the brand started. Oskar Metsavaht, Osklen‘s creative director, president of the Instituto-E and UNESCO's ambassador for the culture of peace and sustainability, joined in 2017 the delegation of the Ministry of the Environment to the UN Conference on the Oceans and acts as an advocate for the expansion of protected marine areas. 

Since 2009, Osklen and Instituto-E are co-adopters of restinga (a spit and a distinct type of coastal Tropical and subtropical moist broadleaf forest, found in eastern Brazil. Restingas form on sandy, acidic, and nutrient-poor soils, and are characterized by medium-sized trees and shrubs adapted to the drier and nutrient-poor conditions) vegetation beds, which preserve the sea-washed beach environment. In the beaches of Rio de Janeiro alone were replanted more than 41,620 seedlings in more than 11000 m2 (118403 square feet), an action that helps in the recovery of this ecosystem. Protecting the health of the seas and oceans is an urgent issue for all mankind, and Osklen and the Instituto-E have been doing their part by mobilizing and facilitating the engagement of their partners.