Osklen debuts its new store concept

Osklen launches its first store focused on experience and technology, reinforcing its vocation for innovation, design and connectivity. The brand, which is a pioneer and a benchmark in Sustainability- as an international reference with 20 years of development of social and environmental projects in Brazil-, incorporates in its new store design different technologies to bring to a new dimension the consumer experience in its environment. 

This project is part of the digital transformation process of the Alpargatas group, now under new management by Roberto Funari since the beginning of this year, and it has focused the strategy for its brands and consumers. This new store concept comes with the mission of continuously improving customer service and brand experience while minimizing any friction along the journey. Osklen is the first brand in the group to implement this new design that will be replicated later this year to two other Alpargatas brands, Havaianas and Mizuno.


With interactive content, the space is a true storytelling channel designed so that the customer, intuitively and with a simple touch, have access to releases, iconic products, special projects, capsule collections and much more.


With pure and functional lines, the whole project is designed to be flexible and allow new and other varied of configurations. Because its furniture is not fixed, the dynamics are more intuitive, organic and engaging.


One of the challenges of retail today is the insertion of technologies and services to create a unique customer experience. This new Osklen store offers some differentials and technologies to integrate the material with the digital: 

• Infinite showcase screens integrated with e-commerce, enabling consumers to purchase items that are not in the store's physical inventory;

• Interactive content displays provide consumers with brand and product information through a simple touch or with RFID tags that are being tested on some product lines in the store;

• In a pick-up-in-store option service, the product purchased online may be withdrawn directly from the store location;

• A computer living area was created for open access in the central area of the store with outlets where customers can charge their cell phones. In the same space, there will be a projection area with headphones so that consumers can watch the brand’s documentaries;

• Payment may be made anywhere in the store direct with the mobile checkout-equipped sales people, abolishing the traditional cashier format with lines for payment;

“For this project we have brought together the best of technology, in order to create a closer relationship between our consumers and the Osklen universe, more organically and in tune with the global movement to put consumers at the center of the experience,” says Oskar Metsavaht, Creative Director of the brand. 

“Barra Shopping mall, being one of the largest mall complexes in Latin America, was a strategically chosen location for Osklen's first technology store. Barra (Barra da Tijuca is a sprawling suburb of upmarket condos and shopping centers anchored by long, scenic Barra Beach)is the area with more investments in Rio de Janeiro and, consequently, with greater development potential, with consumers more receptive to new technologies." says Leandro Medeiros, Osklen CEO. 

“Understanding our customers and their preferences is crucial to improving our services and assistance. Technology contributes to reducing friction along the journey and also as an essential tool to better observe and know the behavior of our users. In a changing world, we need to be aligned with the strategies of global players in the retail industry,” concludes Fernanda Romano, Alpargatas Global Marketing Director.