Shorts Co. opens up its first store in Saudi Arabia

Shorts Co., a Brazilian brand that specializes in men’s shorts, follows its expansion plan opening its first flagship store in Saudi Arabia. The label now has seven stores spread out across Brazil, and it aims to gain space in the Dubai and Bahrain market by 2021. The goal is of tripling the revenue of this division and opening between 15 to 20 new sales points, as well as to keep current hole sale customers loyal to the brand. 


The brand was born out of the men’s fashion segment gap. Although Brazil is a tropical country, brands were lacking focus on this apparel category. Shorts Co. then took the opportunity and brought to consumers pieces that value lifestyle, high quality pieces, design and fun prints.

The opportunity to export to the Middle East came five years ago, when partners sought commercial reps around the world. The brand achieved positive results because of its on-time deliveries and strong presence at international trade shows and fairs, putting Shorts Co. on the radar of local buyers.

"With time, our relationship with local sales reps grew closer and closer. Because we would deliver as it was promised, the brand generated a lot of confidence among buyers. We became known in the market and so the sales reps themselves began to recommend us to others. One occasion we were introduced to a large Saudi group that owns the distribution of some renowned international brands and has solid presence in the main countries of the Middle East, "says Michel Lassner, a partner at Shorts Co. 

The brand exports today to 17 other countries: Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Spain, Italy, United States, Mexico, Chile, Paraguay, Singapore, China, Japan, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Philippines, Greece, Israel. It works also with r sales reps in the United States and Europe. The brand’s internationally acknowledged styles, which brings the Brazilian tropical vibe and culture in its prints was what attracted attention from the foreign market to Shorts Co. on the first place.