The brand MEMO for fitness shows the capsule collection MEMO by LOLITTA

The brand MEMO for fitness shows the capsule collection MEMO by LOLITTA, developed four hands by Patrícia Birman, general director of MEMO, and Lolita Hannud, designer of the brand Lolitta.

The collection proposes pieces for fitness with cutouts and in light fabrics within a clean and sophisticated style. With exclusive modeling, the brand uses straight and geometric forms; the DNA of the brand Lolitta, translating a new style for fitness clothes, while keeping the style, comfort and functionality, characteristics of MEMO.  

The color chart mixes shades of neon, such as lemon yellow, orange, and pink with neutral colors such as black and shades of gray, beige, and rosé. Leggings, flares, tops, shorts, bodysuits, skirts, jackets, tanks, and t-shirts are presented in appropriated fabrics, presented by Salotex, for practicing physical activities. The pieces of the collection make possible to coordinate looks that go far beyond sports.

MEMO is now part of the SPFW official calendar and proposes to present a new collaborator each season, strengthening the positioning of the brand in connect the universes of fashion and sports.