VEJA opens up its first own retail store in Paris

VEJA, a sustainableFrenchfootwear and accessories brand, opens up its first own retail store in Le Marais, heart of Paris, France, after 15 years of history. 


VEJA has been deconstructing the production chain with every step taken of its way, from ecological raw materials to its workforce. The brand has grown internationally at a steady speed since the beginning. Its main market has been US and UK.

Its product range has grown steadily following its expansion with each collection, coupled with its strong online sales presence. It was about time for VEJA to launch its first space and create a store in central Paris. The store is 80 square meters (around 862 square feet) in size, it has a minimalist interior, decorated with not only eco-friendly furniture designed and inspired by Parisian architecture, but it is also powered by renewable energy - thus reflecting the brand's principles.