With the ASAP Oceans collection, Osklen launches manifesto in defense of the seas and oceans

Ongoing the ASAP movement, a call from OSKLEN urges everyone to adopt a lifestyle aligned with socio-environmental practices. The latest ASAP Oceans collection showed at SPFW yesterday (10.22) restates this objective and launches a manifesto in defense of the seas and oceans. 

The connection between Osklen and Instituto-E with this matter has always been present in the brand’s history. Oskar Metsavaht, Osklen‘s creative director, is president of the E-Institute president and ambassador for the culture of peace and sustainability at UNESCO. He joined, in 2017, the delegation of the Ministry of the Environment to the UN Conference on the Oceans and acts as a defender of the expansion of protected marine areas. 

Since 2009, Osklen and the E-Institute are co-adopters of restinga vegetation (a spit and a distinct type of coastal Tropical and subtropical moist broadleaf forest, found in eastern Brazil)beds, which preserve the beach environment bathed by the sea. The beaches of Rio de Janeiro, for example, were replanted more than 41,620 seedlings in more than 119k square feet, an action that helps the recovery of this ecosystem. 

To protect the health of the seas and oceans is an urgent issue for all mankind, and Osklen and the E-Institute are doing their part by mobilizing and facilitating the engagement of their partners. 

Last year, for the production of its PET mesh line, OSKLEN saved 119 million liters of water, reduced its energy consumption by 70% and reached a record 272k of reused plastic bottles that would end up in city dumps or in the water the ocean.